Omni 10 Plus


Speaker nirkabel HD

Streaming musik nirkabel dengan mudah di seluruh penjuru rumah Anda

Harman Kardon Omni 10+ membuat Anda dapat dengan mudah memasang sistem musik HD nirkabel. Juga menambahkan akses ke layanan musik seperti Spotify Connect dan Chromecast built-in. Simpel dipasang dan mudah dioperasikan, Omni 10+ adalah cara tercepat untuk mewujudkan musik Anda secara nirkabel di mana pun di rumah Anda dengan satu atau banyak speaker!


Spesifikasi General

Transduser 1 x 90mm woofer, 1 x 19mm tweeter
Daya nominal 1 x 25W untuk woofer; 1 x 25W untuk tweeter
Respons frekuensi 52~20kHz -3dB
Rasio antara sinyal dan derau > 80 dB
Koneksi Input Bluetooth®, Aux-in, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Dimensi (P x L x T) 181mm x 159mm x 166mm
Berat 1333g
Catu daya 19VDC, 3,0A
Konsumsi daya dalam mode tidur <3,0 Watt
Rentang frekuensi pemancar Bluetooth® 2402 − 2480MHz
Daya pemancar Bluetooth® <4dBm
Modulasi pemancar Bluetooth® GFSK, π/4 DQPSK, 8DPSK
Rentang frekuensi pemancar Wi-Fi 5G 5,15~5,35GHz, 5,470~5,725GHz,5,725~5,825GHz
Daya pemancar Wi-Fi 5G <20dBm (EIRP)
Modulasi Wi-Fi 5G OFDM, BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM
Kompatibilitas jaringan Wi-Fi 5G IEEE 802.11 n/ac
Rentang frekuensi pemancar Wi-Fi 2,4G 2412 – 2472MHz (2,4GHz ISM Band, AS 11 Channel, Eropa dan lainnya 13 Channel)
Daya pemancar Wi-Fi 2,4G <20dBm (EIRP)
Modulasi Wi-Fi 2,4G OFDM, DSSS, DBPSK, DQPSK, CCK, 16QAM, 64QAM
Kompatibilitas jaringan Wi-Fi 2,4G IEEE 802.11b/g/n


Dimensi (cm) Yes
Dimensi (in) Yes
Berat (kg) Yes
Berat (lb) Yes

Control and Connection Specifications

Versi Bluetooth Yes


Kapasitas baterai (mAh) Yes
Lama Pengisian Daya (jam) Yes


Mematikan daya secara otomatis Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Chromecast Built-in Yes
Asisten Google Yes
Dukungan Multi-ruangan Yes
Tahan Air Yes
Dukungan Wi-Fi Yes
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{"searchRecords":[{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000SVfuQAG"},"Title":"How to reset Omni+ speakers","Id":"ka21Y000000SVfuQAG","ArticleNumber":"000009141","Question__c":"How can I reset my Omni+ speaker(s)?","Answer__c":"There is a reset button on the bottom of the Omni+ devices. Press and hold this button for 5 seconds to perform a factory reset of your product. All product settings, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connections will be erased. To reset the OMNI 50+ speaker, please do the following: First, press & hold ‘Source’, ‘Vol+’, ‘Vol-‘ buttons at the same time. The Omni 50+ will switched off, indicating that the product was successful reset. Secondly, press ‘power' button to turn on power for the Omni 50+ speaker. Now you can easily set up the product again for your home Wi-Fi network.","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav"},{"attributes":{"type":"Knowledge__kav","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/ka21Y000000SXNHQA4"},"Title":"I'm having trouble with setting up a Wi-Fi extender network with my Omni 10+, Omni 20+ or Omni 50+","Id":"ka21Y000000SXNHQA4","ArticleNumber":"000010982","Question__c":"I'm having trouble with setting up a Wi-Fi extender network with my Omni 10+, Omni 20+ or Omni 50+","Answer__c":"Make sure you disable AP/Client isolation on your Access Point / Extender and that Multicast forwarding is not disabled between the W-Fi networks. However, we cannot guarantee than streaming will work flawless as Extender networks are tricky and can cause many issues. Always use a 5GHz Wi-Fi network extender for best results.","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav"}]}